2023 Site Rebuild

I have decided to rebuild my entire website. Not because I’m feeling super inspired, but rather because I neglected my old site for so long it appears to have been exploited and the only way to do anything again, was to delete the old site before I got a chance to even back it up and simply start again.

Yes, that means I have lost all of my previous content, my blog posts for over a decade and the very poor portfolio I had managed to maintain for quite some time.

It also means all the hard work I had put into building my own theme is now gone. But I welcome this as an opportunity to up-skill on the latest techniques on WordPress and front-end development.

It does require a certain level of reimagining my online presence and how I position myself as an online leader and creator. I now have to dig deep and find a new creative energy within to bring something truly unique as I make this my new space online and break away from what I believe is a traditional and somewhat boring online presence and develop something exciting and representive of where I am now in my journey.

Watch this space!






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